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Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters - It's a TEAM Effort!
Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters are a "PAW-SOME" TEAM of +/- 25 professional, bonded, insured, mature, responsible, loving pet sitters, many of which are certified in Pet CPR. We are a TEAM because it is not an option for your pet to go without a visit. You will always be assigned a main pet sitter, as well as a backup pet sitter.  
Elizabeth Moeller
TEAM Founder/Former Owner
April 22, 1954 – July 22, 2023

My name is Elizabeth, and I purchased Caring Carrie's Pet Sitters from Ms. Marriott in April of 2006. My career began by assisting her with her pet sitting business. In the ensuing years, I have grown to know and love all the animal clients we have. Our clients are not just animals on the other side of the door, they are Fur Kids to us; with each dog, cat, or bird having its own unique personality, making pet sitting profoundly rewarding. 

        In January of 2015, we PROUDLY changed our name to encompass the actual TEAM of pet sitters that Caring Carrie's has morphed into. Our pet sitters are the best of the best and it is only through their dedication to our business, and their true love of animals that has allowed us to grow into a TEXAS sized Team of loving, caring, experienced pet sitters.

Most recently, I retired as the business owner and handed the company off to Libby, our Bookkeeper and Business Manager.  I will still be around to give advice and help out when needed.  However, I'm looking forward to having more time to do what I love doing most - loving animals!

 Our animals are so appreciated and loved. We treat them like it is their home and we are lucky to be allowed to come in. Presently we are owned by two dogs. Dandee, who was a found dog warmed our hearts, and after unsuccessfully trying to locate his owner, took over one of our sofas in our home. Our other fur child Dolly, was also looking for a permanent home, and with Dandee by our side, we choose her to occupy the second sofa in our home. Our two Doxies had recently passed, so it seemed like it was meant to be, another gift from Above. They have bonded into the best sister and brother ever. Additionally, we often act as foster parents for several local Pet Rescues, so the actual number of four legged Fur Kids we have the pleasure to come home to each evening, varies. We have volunteered for Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue for the past 12 years, and recently have also had the pleasure to foster for a Doxie rescue group, All Texas Dachshund Rescue or ATDR.

Family wise, I am now a proud Grandmother to my precious Granddaughter who arrived in 2008 and two twin Grandsons adding to the joy in 2012. 

Rest in Peace, our Sweet Elizabeth

My name is Libby, and I've been with Team Paw-Some since October of 2013.  I actually met Elizabeth, the former owner, in Nassau Bay, as I was bringing my Pomeranians, Lili & Rosi, in from a walk and she was going to visit a client. My girls smelled an animal lover and unabashedly introduced themselves to her!  It was puppy love at first site and we were all was so excited to find a new pet sitting company!

Soon after meeting, Elizabeth hired me and my small bookkeeping company to take over the books of Team Paw-Some, and I served as the Bookkeeper and Business Manager for this amazing company and growing business until I purchased the company from Elizabeth at her retirement effective January 1, 2018!!

My vision for Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters is the same as Elizabeth's: first, to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am, and second, to follow the Golden Rule: treat all humans and animals with the love and respect with which I hope others will treat me and our company.

We absolutely love our pets and #welovewhatwedo.  If you're looking for a TEAM of professional, mature, and dedicated pet sitters, you've come to the right place!

We look forward to caring for your fur babies soon!


My name is Marlene, and I have been a member of Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters since March, 2013. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and we are proud parents to two wonderful children, ages 14 and 10; along with our two fur-pups, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Chiweenie. Needless to say – I am quite busy. 

I taught school for 15 years in Texas and Pennsylvania and was a Multicultural Specialist and Program Specialist in Cleveland, Ohio for five years. It was in Ohio where I had the opportunity to work closely with classroom teachers to develop curriculum and project based portfolios. Working with dedicated teachers was a wonderful experience and one which I truly enjoyed!

While living in San Antonio, I served as a board member in the local chapter of the Delta Society. Through this organization, our group matched members’ pets with local schools, hospitals and nursing homes and provided “therapy dog” experiences for people of all ages. Bringing people and animals together was both rewarding and extremely enjoyable and an experience I will always treasure.

I have always felt a kinship towards animals and feel blessed that I am part of this caring and loving team of men and women.

My name is Laurie, and I am happy to have finally found the job of my dreams...becoming a pet sitter with Team Paw-some, and being able to spend my working hours providing love and care to as many pets as I can! 

I have been a resident of the Clear Lake area since moving here in 1982 from Youngstown, Ohio. I have a Bachelor in Science in Business Administration from Youngstown State University. In 1983, I married my husband, also a former Ohio resident. I worked in apartment management for over ten years, before becoming a stay at home mom to raise our two daughters, both graduates of Clear Lake High School and University of Houston. 

My love for animals goes back to my childhood, and my home has never been without pets; whether it is a turtle, hamster, iguana, garter snake, dog or cat! I shared that love of animals for several years as a volunteer with Finally Home Pet Rescue...fostering cats, bottle feeding fur babies, administering medications, and providing a warm lap to snuggle on. During that time, I also became mom to eight cats! I have been a pet sitter for many of my neighbors over the years and have experience with both dogs and cats. 

As a member of Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters, I am excited to share my love of animals with your precious pets while you are at work, on a business trip, or vacation!

My name is Debbi, and I am originally from Illinois, but have lived in Friendswood since 1987.

I was fortunate enough to have secured a position with Team Paw-Some in August, 2015. You know how sometimes you dread going to work in the morning because you are not fond of your job? Well, this does not seem like a job at all! Pet sitting is what I love to do and has been a passion of mine for many years. What else is more enjoyable than giving love to dogs and cats of all sizes and personalities?

I worked in finance for 21 years as part of the Space Shuttle Program until our division was shut down in 2011. After leaving, my mom and I travelled, visiting places you usually read about in magazines. We thoroughly enjoyed our adventures together.

I have volunteered with several rescue groups since 2008 specializing in foster kittens. I also have expanded to fostering small dogs. Currently I have four personal cats (all adopted through rescue groups) and eight foster kittens. These numbers change weekly as I can never say no. I can also be found at PetSmart on Saturdays volunteering during Adoption Events.

So you can see that securing this position with Team Paw-Some is my way of going to work with a smile on my face and loving every minute of it.


Hi; my name is Steve, and I am very excited to be a part of this great Team of Pet Sitters. I am originally from Hollywood, California (yes, many people live there other than movie stars). After college, my Department of Defense career took me to San Diego and then to Washington DC. I moved to Las Vegas after retirement from the DoD and then to League City. My wife and I decided that we are here to stay – so we will not need to hire a moving van any time soon.

I also spent time at Miramar (San Diego) in the Navy as an aircraft electrician working on fighter aircrafts. Following the Navy, I worked as a civilian for the Department of Defense, mostly with the Naval Air Systems Command. Now that I am retired, I enjoy being with our four children, eight grandchildren, and of course, working with furry animals.

I was involved with a Golden Retriever Rescue in Nevada for many years prior to moving to League City. I loved being involved with fostering, and daily exercising for those great dogs so they could develop into wonderful adoptable forever family members. I currently have an amazing rescued Golden named J J Watt. He came with that name and after meeting him, you would have to agree it fits him perfectly. 

I look forward to meeting your furry friends. It is truly a passion of mine to make sure that your pets are happy and comfortable when you cannot be there with them. Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters is giving me the opportunity to do something I love.

Hello to all you animal moms and dads.

My name is Jessica, and I am very happy to be back in the Clear Lake area working part-time with Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters. I also work in the business world part-time as a product marketer. 

I am a graduate of the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in finance; and a graduate of Clear Lake High School.

My love for pets goes way back. Growing up, I was always surrounded by many animals, including a couple of parakeets and fish. I spent many hours during my school years volunteering and fostering cats for an animal rescue group. During this time, I learned to administer medications, bottle feed kittens and how to take care of them.

It was not unusual to have over ten cats in our care at one time. My love for them is what inspired me to work with Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters and share that love with your precious pets! I look forward to meeting you soon.

Hello! My name is Charleen, and I am a proud member of Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters. I am a native Texan where I grew up and attended school in the Houston area. I obtained both my Bachelor and Master Degrees from the University Of Houston and recently retired after a 35 year career in the petrochemical industry.

I have always been an animal lover. Animals have always played an important part in my life and they continue to bring love and companionship to my husband and me. We are currently the proud parents of two "Texas Lacy Game Dogs" aka "Texas Blue Lacys." Due to their intelligence and high energy levels, they keep us busy finding them challenging activities for their excessive amount of energy.

Now that I have retired from the corporate world, I have decided to do something that brings me much joy and satisfaction--caring for animals that show unconditional love and affection for those who love them. Nothing better than a few wet kisses!

All of Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters share the same goal as I do. We all truly have the desire to see that your pet children are provided with the best care while you are away.

I look forward to meeting you and your pet family and promise to show them the same love and attention that I give to my own fur children.

My name is Katie, and I was born and raised in the Galveston/Houston area. Growing up, I helped take care of many of my family’s animals including many of my own. It was a great experience as my family owned a petting zoo and ranch. I was even on a commercial riding a camel for my father’s ranch.  

During high school, I raised animals for our school’s FFA educational program and developed specific skills with the animals I worked with.  

After high school, I joined the Navy and I was an Operational Specialist and then medical for eight years. I was stationed in Japan, California and a short time in Texas and Chicago. So many travels, deployments and experiences have made me who I am today. 

While raising my brother, he would always want to rescue deaf animals and bring them home, which I found to be very interesting. That interest continued after the military and I decided to attend Gallaudet University to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Family and Child studies with a focus on child development. I taught high school ASL (American Sign Language) for four years and have recently decided to attend nursing school; while working part-time with Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters. My little angel pug named Milo keeps me company while studying. He loves watching shows with animals which makes me laugh with his reactions. I also love cats and need my cat fix. One day I hope to have a Russian blue. 

I also have experience administering medication to animals, handling all breeds and ages. I have been with Team Paw-Some since 2013 and I look forward to meeting you and your four-legged fur kids. 


Hello everyone! My name is Rachel and I am very excited to be a Team Member of Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters. Since I was a very young girl, I have always enjoyed meeting new people and their pets.

I have always loved animals and even had a desire to work with them beginning in kindergarten when my dream job was to be a zookeeper. I still had that dream through high school when I took a class where our daily objective was to care for many different mammals, reptiles and amphibians. I enjoyed it so much my lunch breaks were spent in the classroom spending time with the animals.

After completing my Associate of Arts degree (theatre major), I went to work at a pet resort and loved every minute of it. I have worked in the pet service industry ever since spending a decade in different capacities working my way up as a bather, kennel supervisor and a certified dog trainer. I also volunteered with a pet rescue group. Maybe I should change my name to “Dr. Doolittle”.

I believe that caring for all animals large and small is what I was put on this earth to do. Whether it is caring for my own personal zoo of four dogs, two birds, a cat and a hamster at home or caring for others' pets such as yours, it is something I truly love and take great joy and pride in and hope to do for a very long time!

Thank you for the opportunity of meeting you and your fur pets and GO ASTROS!!

We are looking for a mature, dependable pet sitter with day-time availability (as well as evenings, weekends & holidays) for the Pasadena, Shore Acres, Santa Fe & Texas City areas.  If you think you have what it takes to become a member of our TEAM, fill out the Contact Us form and let us know!!

Hi! My name is Awilda, and I am so excited to be part of this awesome pet-loving team! I am joining Team Paw-Some on a part-time basis since I work as a Spanish High School teacher during the school year. I was so impressed as a client with the wonderful service the team provided, and how well our pets were taken care of, that I wanted to join this wonderful group of people doing something I have always loved.

My family has shrunk since our four kids have left home for college and work. As you can imagine having raised four kids, I’ve had to care for a veritable zoo over the past 28 years. Our house has been a home for the tiny (hamsters, gerbils, mice, gecko, chameleon, and fish), midsize (guinea pigs, iguanas, large snakes, turtles, and birds), to the bigger cats and dogs. Currently we have two shelter rescue dogs (they are the best!), a very temperamental cat (aren’t they all?), a tankful of fish, and two elderly finches (who serenade us every morning) making sure we are never lonely. 

I look forward to meeting you all and your fur babies too. Just like people they come in all colors and sizes with their own unique quirks and personalities. I think we all agree that Home Sweet Home is the best place for our beloved pets to be.


Hi! My name is Lisa, originally from California, where I lived for 30 years. Studied business in college and moved to Texas 20 years ago. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 28 years. We moved here with our two daughters and my two dogs (wow what an adventure!). Since then we have had over six dogs. 

I currently have one dog, Chloe, who is 12 years old and loves everyone and a lot of belly rubs. I also have an African Grey Parrot named Raymond who loves to get out of his cage and roam around the house. When I am not pet sitting, I love to work in my garden, watch sports and work out at the gym with my husband. 

I have a true passion for all animals. I am so excited to be a part of the Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters and look forward to caring for all your fur, feathered, and non-fur babies.

Howdy!, my name is Alicia and I am excited to be part of the TEAM as a pet sitter after being a client since around 2008. I sought out the company after being so upset leaving my crew at a vet, I determined there was a better choice of having a pet sitter when I went to visit my sons at college and attend football games at my Alma Matter Texas A&M. I understandably discovered that my fur kids were obviously so much happier staying at home being spoiled by Elizabeth as they got to stay in their own surroundings. I am now semi-retired from the healthcare field, available as an Independent Consultant and feel drawn to still work in some capacity deciding pet sitting would be an awesome option. I might add that 6 months after joining in 2018, I started my Cancer battle, now, after chemo and 9 surgeries, including 2 new knees, I am 1 1/2 years disease free as of September 2021. Needless to say, pet sitting has been the best diversion and medicine.

I have had pets ever since I can remember: dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, ferrets, frogs, turtles, and fish both in an aquarium and koi pond. I have lived in the Taylor Lake Village/Seabrook area since 1992 raising two sons as a single Mom and currently have aquarium fish, a Koi pond, a flame point Siamese cat Mr. Angel who just showed up, and a crew of 4 dogs; Chihuahuas: Snowy who was owner surrendered, Sophy, a foster fail adopted through a local organization Second Chance Pets, Roxy who was dumped in our neighborhood and our Police Chief asked if I would take her once caught, and Trixy also adopted through SCP. I am a grand dog mom to my son James’ Blue Heelers Callie & Zoe who I sit for on occasion from Pearland, and my son John’s dog Jax who is an adopted large breed mix in Tomball where I also enjoy hanging out with my human addition grandsons Lincoln and Landon, with #3 on the way in April 2022.

I am an only child born into a military family traveling until my Dad retired from the Army settling in Galveston in 1967 where I have a second home rebuilt after Ike. I graduated from Galveston Ball and Texas A&M where I earned my B.S. in Biology. I then earned my nursing degree from UTMB and worked in the hospital and field settings in clinical, administrative and legal consulting capacities for 40 years. I am also a Massage Therapist and have kept all my licenses and certifications current. Getting in touch with Libby to join Team Paw-Some came to me on a whim being disillusioned with some human kind. My joy has been my pets who provide unconditional love with a lifestyle of playing, eating and sleeping and I want to share my love of pets with others so they will feel confident their own pets will be taken care of as needed with love and affection. I look forward to meeting, greeting and caring for your special family members!​


Hi everyone! I'm Cameron!

I'm a life long pet lover, from catching bugs and lizards as a little girl to bringing home lost pets from around the neighborhood on my walks home I have always taken an interest in animals. Some of my favorite places have been wildlife sanctuaries, a no kill shelter where I volunteered my teens away to walk dogs I couldn't have, and just outdoors to enjoy what nature has to offer. 

I'm also not afraid of less furry pets, bring on the scales and feathers! I'm an artist in my free time, a college student, and a shift manager at a coffee shop. I enjoy staying busy and taking care of your fur babies will be a wonderful way too fill some time in my days and share my love with them! Don't worry, my 4 cats and my rabbit don't mind sharing me. I can't wait to meet you and your "kids!" 

Hello, everyone!  My name is Cheryl.  Most of my working career has been taking care of humans... both in a clinical setting as a medical assistant, and then as a senior caregiver, until I starting working for Wuffy Walks about 5 years ago! I have learned SO much from Ruth! And I really wish I'd started doing this SO many years ago! 

 Animals have always been my passion, so I now have my dream job of choice for life! I am honored to continue this endeavor with Libby and Team Paw-Some!


My name is Noah, and I've been an animal lover and have had dogs or cats my entire life. My first job was as a bather at Petsmart which launched a career in dog grooming that included working at several of Austin's top salons. I loved every single one of my clients and was particularly good with "difficult dogs" that had special needs or behavioral problems. 

Unfortunately I injured my back and can no longer groom full time, but I love working in the pet care industry and am excited to get to know and care for so many new kiddos!


Hi.  I'm Christina.  Having grown up working in animal rescue with my mom, I've spent my whole life caring for cats and dogs of all sizes, ages, and temperaments. As an adult, I have been a caretaker at Petsmart, an assistant at a dog grooming salon, and a sitter/dog-walker. 

I'm comfortable with bottle feeding, medications, puppies, barkers, shy pets and have also cared for birds, chickens/ducks, horses, and reptiles. 

I love animals of all kinds and their comfort and happiness 
is always my top priority!


Hello. My name is Donna and I am new here at Team Paw-Some for the year 2020. I was born and raised in Freeport, Texas with the beach at my back door.

After high school I worked at a daycare for a few years and then did independent childcare for a few more. In 1989 I started a job at a medical device company and worked there for 10 years. It was there that I met my husband. After getting married we moved to League City and have been 
here for the last 20 years.

I have two teenage daughters and we currently share our home with one dog, two cats and a bearded dragon.
Whether an animal has fur, feathers or scales I do not discriminate. I look forward to meeting and caring for all kinds of breeds and species.​


Hello! My name is Jessie!! I’m the new kid on the block!! I am so excited to be a new Team Paw-Some Team member!!! I was born and raised here in Texas and I have a daughter that is a Student Athlete and in her senior year at a University in San Antonio.

I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life! My handsome fur baby is 14 yrs old - his name is Loli - and his little brother is Jake Ryan. 6 yrs ago I rescued my 1st cat EVER;  his name is Leo, and the baby of the family is Kobe Bean!! I also have two feral cats that have made me their hooman. They will not let me completely pet them but they will let me feed them. I work on them everyday to try to gain their trust! :)

The huge reason why I am a Team Paw-Some team member is because of all the 14yrs of traveling we did for my daughter's travel with ball teams. I always needed someone to help me with my babies.  Now that we are wrapping it up for her playing, I’m ready to be of help to let others enjoy their time and be at peace knowing someone is taking care of their fur babies as their own!!!! I am looking forward to providing you with love and care for your babies! 


Hi; I’m Elisabeth! I am currently a college student as LSU majoring in International Studies. I have a dog named Molly and a cat named Beans ; )

I am very passionate about animals and look forward to taking care of yours!

Retiring after 24 years from retail security, I finally could follow my passion for animals. I got lucky to start pet sitting with Wuffy Walks in 2009. Loved my second career and all the furry friends I have meet over the years.

When not pet sitting I volunteer for Homeless Pet Placement League helping many cats and dogs find there forever home.

My own furry family consists of my dog Nova and a few cats from which I couldn't bear to part after fostering from the time they were tiny babies.

I'm honored to continue this endeavor with Team Paw-Some. I look forward giving many more cuddles to your furry babies.​

Hello! My name is Cheryl and I am excited to be a member of the wonderful Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters.

I was introduced to this team through a friend who has worked with Team Paw-Some since 2015. She had experienced my love of pets after adopting four pets through her adoption organization and knew it would be a great fit for me. After retiring (twice - once from Harris County District Attorney’s Office after 28 years and later from University of Houston Clear Lake after 10 years), I knew this would be an excellent opportunity to share that love. 

I am a native Houstonian and have always been surrounded with pets (cats, dogs, birds, fish, and hamsters. I currently have 3 cats and 2 grand dogs). 

I look forward to sharing my love of animals with your previous fur babies. 

Cheryl E.

Hello Fur baby Parents.
My name is Shirley, and I am very excited to be part of Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia.
My husband of 33 years and I have lived in Friendswood now for 22 years.
We have 2 Children grown and gone.
Plus, 4 rescue babies that we spoil rotten every single day! (no lie)
They have a great life!

My favorite part of the day is walking my 4 dogs every morning before I go to my day job as a marketing/sales person.
I have had pets all my life and would not have it any other way.

Our house would be boring without our fur babies! Love to spend quality time with our dogs each night with lots of snuggling.

My promise to you would be that I would treat your babies with the best and loving care.
I look forward to visiting you and your fur babies soon!​

I love animals. All animals. 

I have been pet sitting for over 7 years. It’s fun and rewarding. As a retired nurse I am trained to notice signs and symptoms like dehydration, excessive thirst, heat and exhaustion. I am experienced in giving pet injections. Our family pet received them daily. I promise to give every pet my utmost best care and attention and to be friendly and kind. 


Hello, my name is Patricia. I am very excited to join Team Paw-Some Pet Sitters. I was born in Galveston and lived on the mainland. I then moved to Houston and lived there for 30+ years. I then moved to East Texas where I resided in Nacogdoches until moving to League City. I retired in 2023 and decided to move back home to be with family.

My work history has been in the medical field business office all my life. My last position I was a Patient Care Coordinator for a Durable Medical Equipment Company that specializes in Pediatric DME supplies. Shortly after retirement I was bored, I am currently working part-time for the same company.

I’ve had pets in the past. I started out with a cockatiel, from there to dogs. My first dog was a Chow Shepherd mix; she was a fierce looking dog, and of course very loved. Had another dog that was a Yorkie, goodness - he was a spitfire. Then moved to cats, I love them so! In 2022 I rescued a cat that was pregnant. It was a cold winter, so I brought her inside. She delivered in March 2022, 5 beautiful kittens. Four of the kittens were given to good homes, I kept one of the babies that stayed with family when I moved back home. I miss them! So, here I am ready to take care of your fur babies!

I have plenty of Love to give to your most precious babies.